“After reading the web site content you sent I realized how much work you put in it. You gave the specifics I asked for and then some. The subjects were covered thoroughly but not excessively. The information is clear and easy to read and understand. One of the purposes for the site is to educate the reader who has never experienced professional massage therapy. I feel your writing does that and, perhaps, may compel the fearful or reluctant to reconsider.

I am delightfully impressed! Thank you for working so quickly, too, as we are still aiming to go live by Oct 1. I will proudly refer your services to anyone who may benefit from them. Thank you for doing a great job!”

Robin Martin
Knead to Restore
excerpted from client e-mail, Sept 17, 2012
project: research massage therapy and write website content from scratch for new site


Cynthia Daffron of Artful Advantage helped me organize my projects as part of her Creative Coaching program. This process gave me greater confidence. Since working with Cynthia, I’ve learned that progress is not always linear and neither is inspiration. But when both happen, being organized helps the process move along faster. I feel more free to write without worrying about what I should be writing about. Cyn is a real being, a humane coach who is truly behind you. She listens and learns. She understands who her clients are and uses that knowledge to encourage them to reach their highest potential. Cyn is on your side and truly cares about your creative life.

Neil de la Flor, Writer/Poet/Multidisciplinary Artist
author of Almost Dorothy, winner of the Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prize


Daniel R. Marvello

Daniel R. Marvello

Cynthia Daffron performed a manuscript critique on my first fantasy novel. Her feedback was thorough and extremely helpful to me during my revisions. Coming from a non-fiction writing background left me with a poor vocabulary for relating emotion, and Cynthia helped me identify scenes and interactions that were lacking. Her comments also helped me identify places where character behaviors and interactions were inconsistent or unrealistic. I tend to be sparse with description out of concern for overburdening the reader with too much exposition and back story, but Cynthia pointed out areas where more description would be welcome, which has helped me understand how much detail is appropriate in a scene. Finally, Cynthia helped me with basic craft issues, such as story pacing, character development, point-of-view shifts, and dramatic tension. I’m certain my book is much better than it would have been without her thoughtful analysis and suggestions. I would not only recommend her work to others, but I plan to come back to her with my next novel!

Daniel R. Marvello
author of The Vaetra Chronicles


Kathy Goughenour, President, LeadBoosterClub.com

Kathy Goughenour, President, LeadBoosterClub.com

I highly recommend Cynthia Daffron’s services to anyone who is looking for a writer who can take the ball and run with it. I did not have the time to write blog posts, so I hired Cynthia. She has been a lifesaver. She comes up with hot topics, writes well-researched and creative blog posts. I never have to worry about whether or not the topics will be appropriate. They’re always right on target. Her headlines pull people in and the content is interesting and informative. Her writing is wonderful so I never have to spend any time editing it.

Cynthia’s writing is clear, creative, and concise. She’s very reliable and never misses a deadline. She comes up with new topic ideas that I wouldn’t have thought of. I now have more time to spend pulling in new clients that increase my bottom line. She’s amazing!

Kathy Goughenour
President, Lead Booster Club



Moses by K. Laub-Novak

Cynthia’s creative input and detailed organization has ensured that this business not only hit the ground running, but has continued to run smoothly going forward.

Jana Novak Miller

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